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Every once in a while a product comes along that is just so clever it makes you go WOW!! Everyone knows those ugly disposable foil pans, right? Well we're introducing a new product in our store to make those ugly foil pans look stunning! No more transporting food in flimsy foil pans. Perfect for potlucks, picnics, parties, tailgating or at home. Enjoy the convenience of using a disposable foil pan, but impress your guests by presenting your dish in one of these gorgeous pans! Place your disposable foil pan containing hot or cold food into it and you’re ready to serve! The clear removable top lid nests perfectly under it while serving. Or keep the lid cover on to keep food warm and bugs out. Leaving the party early? No problem, just leave the foil pan with the remaining food at the event or simply dispose of the foil pan. Either way, you bring it back home. And best of all, no more lost serving dishes!

~ Fits all standard and half size disposable foil pans.
~ Top rack dishwasher safe!
~ BPA free and proudly made in the USA!
~ Stackable and sturdy for easy travel!
~ Available in four colors!

Casserole Carrier

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